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Let’s see the benefits our new product gave to our satisfied customers!

Melena Cooke, 28, New Orleans, Louisiana

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“After using the face massager for a week, my skin felt so much tighter and smoother. My face shape looks more defined too! I’m so happy I bought this!”

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Kessie Smith, 26, Boston, Massachusetts 

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“I was skeptical about the claims this product made about tightening your skin and making it look young again. But after using it for a while now, I can honestly say that those claims they made were true! My skin is tighter and my face has more shape now. Thank you so much!” 

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What is EMS?

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EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. It’s a type of electrotherapy that pulses your skin with jolts of electricity that focuses on the local blood flow and the lymph of where it’s applied. It’s a kind of therapy that helps manipulate tissues to cause effects on the skin, nerves, and muscles.

Clogged Lymphatic System accelerates fat tissue production which can manifest in your face

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Clogging in the lymph can prevent your lymphatic system from doing its job properly. It becomes less effective at flushing out toxins and excess fluids from your body. And when it can’t flush these bad things away, it causes fat tissue to build up and stay in areas in your body where you don’t want it.

Purify your lymphatic system while slimming your face down with EMS!

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To avoid the problems of a clogged lymphatic system, EMS therapy is the solution you need. It can help purify your lymphatic system and make it function at its best. A purified lymphatic system can prevent the buildup and production of fat tissues which can manifest in your face and more effectively get rid of toxins and excess fluids from your body.

EMS Vibrations stimulate collagen production

Through the capabilities of EMS vibration technology, there is still hope for even the most obvious of fine lines, wrinkles, and dropping, sagging skin.  EMS helps stimulate collagen production. Collagen is responsible for the regenerative capabilities of your skin, so if you have more, the better your skin will look and feel!

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EMS vibrations takes advantage of low faradic currents that it delivers to the skin which stimulates all the nerve endings which causes the face muscles to contract and relax at recurring intervals. It’s that stimulation that tones and tightens your skin while reshaping your face! It also burns excess fat in your face to help define the v shape line.

The vibrations also gives your skin a boost which helps bring back the elasticity of your skin, making it look and feel younger! It’s like having a fresh new layer of skin that’s smooth all over and free from wrinkles and fine lines. No more sagging or droopy skin!

2 Light Therapy Modes

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The Blue Light Mode helps your skin to calm down and relax. It also helps sterilize it which shrinks your pores and tightens your skin structure. Each of the light modes penetrates the skin in different ways. The blue light focuses on penetrating the dermis. It makes sure that your pores get smaller and that you skin gets brighter.
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The Red Light Mode helps boosts facial circulation so that your skin can receive more nutrients that it needs to uplift your skin and give you the perfect V shaped face! It focuses on penetrating the epidermis which goes deeper into the skin. It improves blood circulation and boosts nutrient delivery to your skin. Giving it all the resources to make your face become healthier and restore its elasticity. That will make sure that your skin is youthful and soft to the touch!

We also consider it the perfect 2-in-1 face stimulation skincare product because of its Lifting and Shaping features. It helps lift droopy and saggy skin, while shaping it into perfection!

Designed For Comfort. Wear It Anytime And Anywhere!

The massager was also made with comfort and mobility in mind. With its elegant design and adjustable strap, it’s incredibly comfortable and easy to wear in any place and any situation. Use it anywhere and anytime!

The EMS Vface Lymphvtic Massage Device Experience According To Our Happy Customer!

Celina Camara, 30, Los Angeles, California

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“I hated how the skin under my chin was sagging because it made me look fat. Now I don’t need to worry about it because of the V Face massager! I’m in love with this product! Five stars!”

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Annalise Buffon, 29, New York, New York

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“I can’t believe that it only takes a couple of 15-minute sessions with this product to see results! My double chin faded away and the V shape of my face is so much more prominent! It’s such a confidence booster, I love it!”

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How To Use:

  • Unfold the device
  • Put it on and adjust the belt to your liking
  • Power it on and choose a mode and intensity level that you like
  • Enjoy the massage, it will automatically shut off after 15 minutes

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  • Dimensions (Folded): 130mm x 60mm
  • Weight: 0.28kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • USB Charging
  • Dimensions (Unfolded): 500mm x 170mm
  • Weight: 0.28kg
  • Recommended Use: 15 Minutes at a time

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Face Massage Device
  • 1x Box
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1x Adjustable Strap
  • 1x  USB Charging Cable
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Power Source

Rechargeable Battery






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