Ergonomic Desk Arm Rest Support

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Ergonomic Computer Satisfy Metal Arm Support Adjustable Hand Drag Wrist Support Computer mouse pad hand computer bracket console

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Ergonomic Desk Arm Rest Support

Computer-related injuries have been widely caused by the long-term use of computers! The Ergonomic Desk Arm Rest Support reduces strain injury & gives a comfortable working domain.

✔️ Decreases body tension
✔️ Creates stress-free workflow
✔️ Maximize productivity
✔️ Optimal comfort
✔️ Helps sitting on proper posture
✔️ Comfortable handling
✔️ Easy to assemble

This Ergonomic Desk Arm Rest Support is ergonomically designed for office and industrial use for a long period of doing computer works.

It provides support for forearms to relieve muscle strain and tension on your neck and shoulders. It is perfect for any workplace to add maximum comfort for a long period.


  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – No tool and punch holes needed, just easily tighten the bottom screw to clamp the base. It won’t damage your desktop.
  • 360 DEGREES ROTATABLE JOINTS – The joints and wrist pads can fully rotate to suit different postures and reduce arm pressure during work or playing games.
  • EASY TO OPERATE – You can easily adjust the arm bracket for your specification, just rotate and tighten the nut to fix it.

  • FULL MOTION CAPABILITY – It allows you to move freely and comfortably in all directions, supporting your arm in a natural state and maintain proper posture.
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION – The durable material provides stability with impeccable movement.


  • Materials: Aluminum Alloy
  • Dimensions: 15×4.5 inches

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Attachable Arm Support



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Aluminum Alloy


Adjustable Hand bracket


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20 reviews for Ergonomic Desk Arm Rest Support

  1. S***v

    When examined after receiving only positive impressions. It was done very soundly and qualitatively, which was not expected. Adjustable simply and conveniently. The parcel came in 4 days to Penza by express delivery.

  2. A***n

    Really good support, well made and really comfortable

  3. Customer

    Took 2 pieces. One armrest luftit, but in general norms. Let’s see how it will show itself with prolonged use, but the first impression is good

  4. S***v

    Great thing. Well unloads the hand.

  5. G***r

    Great product, match advertised. Fast delivery.

  6. J***n

    Going for 5 days, the kind of flimsy, look a month. And as convenient.

  7. D***a

    Very good, very good quality. Was delivered in 7 days. No taxamento. Very worth to who is long in computer, this support help the rest arm.

  8. S***n

    It’s cool!!! Recommend

  9. 7***r

    Fast shipping. Very comfortable armrest.

  10. B***n


  11. 2***r

    A good thing! Hand is not tired for a whole day.

  12. K***N

    The correct thing, my daughter is very happy

  13. O***a

    A great thing!

  14. S***v

    Ordered 4 black, for myself and for the wife, both satisfied) hands do not get tired with long work at the computer, and this is what you need, thank you

  15. P***o

    I have mild scoliosis that still caused significant pain when gaming for long sessions. I found out after buying this that having one positioned a little higher than the other helped to adjust everything and I’ve been taking less pain medicine now when gaming. Wasn’t my intent when buying it but a welcome discovery non-the-less.

  16. D***e

    Installation was a snap, and it keeps my wrist completely straight. It’s perfect for me when gaming on my living room coffee table. Shipping was fast. Love love love so far!

  17. T***h

    I love the durability, quality and flexibility. They’re not the most attractive things so i had to make mine a little girlie. If they had covers for arm/elbow rests I would buy them. I use them for work purposes. My desk is small so my arms aren’t supported. Thank you for creating such an awesome product. Well worth the money!

  18. G***v

    These arm rests are AMAZING! I would leave 100 stars if it were possible! I have suffered with needle-sharp pain in my upper back for several years. I tried many braces and supports, but still was in constant pain. I even tried a kneeling chair, which was a huge improvement, but created other problems. Since there was no place to rest my arms, my shoulders and neck became quite sore and tense. I thought I might have to quit my job, which I cannot afford to do. I work at home at a computer at a job which I enjoy, but was suffering more and more. The pain was a couple of inches below my neck and was making me miserable. Then I found these “Desk Extensions”.

    The arms articulate perfectly and have smooth movement. I think a genius designed them. They are well built and sturdy -yet light weight aluminum – and will be part of my work setup from now on. The pain is gone and a smile is on my face! I LOVE THESE DESK EXTENSIONS!!!!!!

  19. Customer

    Got this because I am on a computer all day…and sometimes at night. My shoulder has begun to bother me a little and I thought this might help.
    I believe was right. This is just the extra support that I was looking for.
    It is also very easy to move about with. Turning your arm is not a fight.

  20. G***e

    These are awesome and eliminated my arm, shoulder, and wrist pain from typing all day!

    I decided to try this product because my home office was killing me. I type and work online for a living at present and for the foreseeable future, and was developing shooting pain in my wrists, lower arms, and other pain in my shoulders. I am a somewhat small person and it’s hard for me to find chairs that fit me; I have one with adjustable arm rests for my office but the problem was that the rests were too far apart, and other chairs are too deep or wide for me. I thought I could find some kind of adjustable arm rests or pads I could put on my chair, but apparently those don’t exist. What I found instead were these.

    In short, these work great as arm supports and suffice as alternatives to the arm rests on my chair; while I use them to rest my arms closer to my body than my chair would allow, I think they would work for the opposite way as well, allowing someone to rest their arms farther from their body than a chair’s armrests might. As the descriptions says, they are fully adjustable and rotate easily. You can tweak the height minutely to accommodate your needs and posture; it just uses a nob.

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