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9 Canvas Wall Art Perfect Layout

layout front

Why should we buy Canvas Wall Art without frames?

Because You can save a lot of money by buying picture frames and picture cores by yourself, and you can replace them at any time. Today, I will share with you 9 hanging picture layouts that are more suitable for the living room.

1. Choose a layout

All the dimensions and renderings are in the picture! I personally like the first and fourth groups the most. The living room is just to be rich. 😄If the living room area is small, you can also refer to the simple layout of Figure 7.

jpg 1 2
Mountain Lake Forest Road Travel Quotes
jpg 2 2
Geometric Building Abstract
jpg 3 1
Pink Girl Black Whiter Building
jpg 4 2
Vintage Fashion Girl 
jpg 5 1
jpg 6 1
jpg 7 3
Character Highway Steed Small Crowd
jpg 8
Abstract Line Body Kiss Quotes
jpg 9
Geometric Building Abstract 

2. Buy frame

Write down all the dimensions you need and buy the frame of the corresponding size. Don’t buy plastic, but aluminum alloy. There are many colors: black wild/white simple/gold light luxury, match the color of the frame according to your own style, My living room uses all-match black.

3. Choose Canvas Wall Art(No Framed)

Canvas Wall Art can be decided according to your preferences, or according to the style and color system of the entire home.
You can read 6 Best Wall Art Canvas Decor And 5 Tips.

Canvas Wall Art(No Framed) is cheap. Don’t choose paper as the material. You need to choose canvas, which won’t stick to the plastic-sealed glass, but you must be careful when it is more prone to wrinkles.

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