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Painting is a decorative design element in home decoration. In a relatively loose space like the living room, if a large area is left blank, space will inevitably appear monotonous. How to hang exquisite decorative paintings on this empty wall. This is very important for wall art canvas decoration creativity.

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1. The type of screen content of the hanging picture

The picture content of the hanging pictures is a design detail of "a hundred flowers blooming". There are a variety of choices for both genres and picture content. From abstract to concrete, from retro style to simple and fresh style, the content of the paintings also has a rich and diversified choice.

Character pattern painting

In some more fashionable and elegant homes, you can choose decorative paintings with character background patterns; if you don’t know what paintings to hang, you can also choose some elegant art photos taken by yourself to make decorative paintings, which will bring the effect. It is also very interesting and elegant.

Character pattern
▲Character pattern hanging pictures, fashionable and elegant.

Animal pattern painting

If the owner likes a certain animal, such as a pet in the house, he can also use the pattern corresponding to the pet to make decorative paintings to make the home more vigorous, energetic, and interesting.

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▲People and animals echo each other, which is very smart and interesting.

Plant pattern painting

As a design element close to nature, plants are also a very natural and fresh choice for painting patterns for a relatively simple, Nordic-style living room.

▲Plant pattern hanging paintings are versatile.

Landscape theme painting

In some relatively stable and elegant living rooms, by hanging poetic and elegant landscape paintings, the effect is also very comfortable.

▲Hanging paintings of artistic conception and landscape, with an advanced and interesting meaning.

Architectural theme painting

In some more modern and fashionable living room designs, the content of hanging pictures can also be made into architectural themes. Through artistic architectural patterns, it can increase the fashion and high-level sense of the space.

decorative paintings
▲The decorative paintings in architectural style are full of high-level design.


If you don’t want any obvious theme patterns, don’t want to be entangled, and are too lazy to think, just choose an abstract decorative painting. The effect of hanging in the living room is very mysterious and interesting.

abstract decorative painting
▲Abstraction is a unique art, abstract paintings, different patterns and color combinations, are also more versatile.

2. How to choose a painting in the living room?

The types of hanging pictures are rich and varied, but you can't be too random when choosing hanging pictures!

Choose what you like

If you have a painting you like, then hang it in the living room and watch it pleasing to the eye. Why not do it?!

▲The paintings you like are the most beautiful choice.

Choose according to the space style

Some people do not have their own special ideas about hanging paintings, and they can also choose a hanging painting consistent with the overall space style according to the decoration style of the living room to make space feel more unified.

▲The pastoral style living room, the hanging paintings are also pastoral design, maintaining the unity of the space style.

The size ratio should be appropriate

In addition to style, the size and installation ratio of the paintings in the living room are also issues that need to be considered when purchasing. First of all, there are many choices for the size of the hanging pictures. You can choose a single large size or a combination of multiple small sizes. This can be selected according to your own style and preferences.

▲There are styles on the sofa wall, and the paintings should be matched according to the size of the style.

In terms of the installation ratio, the height of the hanging picture installation is generally 1.5 meters above the ground, and the size: Generally, if multiple small sizes are combined, they are controlled within the sofa armrest of the sofa placement area; and for a single large size, Generally in the middle area of ​​the sofa placement area, the width ratio is recommended to be a triangle area on both sides of the sofa and the middle top, and the bottom of the painting can be controlled within the triangle area.

▲Sample picture, the bottom of the painting is controlled within the triangle area, so the sense of space is relatively stable

3.What is the practical significance of hanging paintings?

Increase the warm feeling of space

Paintings are generally used as decorative home design elements. Almost 90% of families choose to hang decorative paintings in the living room, which can make the home environment more comfortable and warm.

▲Hanging paintings make the space more cozy and comfortable

Excellent design and careful thinking

The hanging picture is a flexible decoration that can be large or small in size. When there are some special designs in the space, it can also be combined with hanging picture elements, such as creating a hidden space.

▲Hidden space

The living room is a space for receiving guests and family activities, and paintings are also one of the creative elements of the spatial layout. Choosing a pleasing painting can make people experience a more natural and relaxing sense of comfort. What kind of decorative painting? Have you figured it out?

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